Tampereen maukkaat klassikkoannokset

Brittiläiseen pubikulttuuriin kuuluu laatuoluiden lisäksi maukkaat pubiruoat. Listaltamme löytyvät mm. tutut klassikot kuten Fish n' Chips ja Bangers & Mash sekä brittipubiruokien peruspilareihin kuuluvat Meat ja Fish Pie.


Potato Skins … 6€

Classic potato skins (G, L, V)

Pork Scratchings … 6,50 €

Honey BBQ glazed classic pork snacks (L)

Sweet Potato Wedges … 6€

House style seasoned sweet potato wedges (G, L, V)

Scampi … 9€

Fried scampi with grilled bread (L)

All Day Breakfast … 14,90€

Lima beans in tomato sauce, sausage on the day by Nakki Hannu, fried egg, bacon, and Portobello mushrooms with toasted bread and marmelade

Meat Pie … 14,90€

Spicy minced meat filling of lamb and beef with potato mash topping (G, LL)

Fish Pie … 14,90€

Same as above only with Catch of the Day and creamy white sauce (G, LL)

Veggie Pie … 14,90€

Same as above and then some stuff without any meat (G,LL)

Fish & Chips … 14,90€

Our version of the true British Classic (LL)

Mussels … 11,90€

… with spicy broth, toasted bread and herb aioli (LL)

Bangers & Mash … 14,90€

Sausage of the day by Nakki Hannu, mash and Portobello mushrooms with something green (LL)

House Toasts:

Beef Brisket … 14,90€

Cheddar, salad, pickled veggies, spicy beef brisket and Dijon mayo (LL)


Scampi & Fish … 14,90€

Salad, pickled veggies, Scampi & Catch of the Day with lemon creme (LL)

Pick a Side á +3€

Potato Skins

Sweet Potato Wedges

Side Sala

Eton Mess <3 … 6,90€

Classic dessert with whipped cream, berries and marenque (L)​​​​​​​

Dips (L) á 1,50€

Herb Aioli • Chili Mayo • Tar Tar • Dijon Mayo • Lemon Creme

Please speak to a staff member if you have any food allergies / intolerances. Full allergen information is available for all our dishes.